Wednesday, 21 January 2009

We..... are the Chaaaaaaaaampions my fre-hends

One of my absolute favourite features in FML is the Gameworld champion - given to whoever wins the first match in a GW, it then passes on like football kiss-chase, from game to game.

I've often flirted with the golden crown, but have never worn it... until now!

I saw that Jay Derriman, a good lad from the old beta GW4 had the crown, so I challenged him. He battered me for 90 minutes, but a Mika Aaritalo strike secured an unlikely 2-1 win. What happened next was even more unlikely...

I had a friendly competition match due against my nemesis and good friend Lennart Kohler, a fellow StJohn mod. Lennart is a true FML wizard, and is probably best known for a 5-1 thrashing of me in GW4.

Revenge was finally mine. My Blades were magnificent - I've never seen a performance from them like it - I'm not sure I ever will again. Midfield dynamo David Jarolim was outstanding - he got rated 9.5, as I demolished the Ohnics 4-0. By half time. It was a stunning victory.

So I took the crown into a second defence against 5th ranked side Cattenacio Calcio. Or is it Calcio Cattenacio? We've both! Joe Faultless' side, anyway - 78 ranks above mine, but a brave home performance saw me home with another late Aaritalo goal, 1-1. The crown will be on the pillow next to me tonight...

It was a good day all round - I also won my own 5-team Diddy League!


Rob Cooper said...

Glad you like the game world champ stuff. I was in the office for an all-nighter a while back and by 4am was tired of bug fixes so decided to do something fun - by the time the sun rose the Game World Champion code was born :oD

Chadwick Monkey-Nuts said...

Hi, first off - great blog.
I've been an FM player since the origs of CM back in the very early 90s, but have yet to take the plunge with FML. I've done a bit of reading up on it, but think the best way to learn is to dive in and test the water.
As I'd only get maybe 30 mins to an hour a day (at most), do you think that would be adequate time to get into the game?
Hope you didn't mind me posting this!
I'm guessing theres no time limited free trial or such-like?

Thanks for listening.

Nik the Mod said...

I'd say 30 minutes a day is fine - just join one of the more casual FAs.

There isn't a free demo (imagine the havoc that would bring to a gameworld!), but I'd recommend looking at Amazon for their boxed version and the shortest subscription possible. Think that's under £20!