Friday, 11 April 2008


Starting off in FML comes as quite a surprise to some FM players - instant success is no longer almost guaranteed, no matter how badly you crave it. I saw this post by FML creator/god Ov Collyer on the forums, and I thought I should share it...

"[FML] is not FM, you cannot expect to achieve success right away - if you did, this would undermine the efforts of those who have built their squad gradually and make the game farcical.

That may be a turn-off for some people, but I suppose the aim of FML is not simply to succeed, it's as much about participating in a virtual world, exchanging banter with other managers, having a say in the running of your Football Association (or even running one!), and, as we evolve the game in the future about building up your club off the pitch too.

Whereas in FM we've stuck to a fairly narrow focus established back in the early days - you are a football manager, and we try and simulate that as best we can - with FML we can throw off these shackles and let you do all manner of things like build stadiums, statues of your legendary players, and all manner of other things we've got lined up post release.

If you only get enjoyment from FM when taking on one of the big teams and using their unlimited pockets to sign the best players in the World then you'll need to take a different approach in FML because it is a different game." - Ov Collyer
Wise words indeed.

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