Wednesday, 19 March 2008


The PR machine for FML is starting to get cranked into overdrive now, and piecing together the various interviews by Miles and guys from Sega, here's the lowdown on what we seem to be heading towards.

By the way, these are all direct quotes from various blogs, so don't shout at me for any spoilers, I'm just repeating what's on the grapevine. I also cannot confirm or deny any of these facts or figures - they may all not be true, and they are all subject to possible revision:

  • FML will be available for free download; players are to be charged a monthly subscription. Miles wouldn't specify the exact figure but said it would be roughly "the cost of two pints. In London". £16 a month then? I'm kidding of course. I'm guessing seven quid. (Guardian Blog)
  • Constant development process with the game, continually adding new features and tweaking gameplay, providing these changes to gamers in the form of regular downloads. (Guardian Blog)
  • Miles tells me that SI are working with the Northern Ireland FA, getting Nigel Worthington in on the beta testing. "He rang us up to complain that his tactics aren't working, that the game is too bloody hard," laughs Jacobson. (Guardian Blog)
  • The team working on (FML) are a completely separate team (from that which makes FM). When asked if some of the new features and layout would make the jump back to FM09 they said “possibly”.
  • James (the guy at the Sega booth (at the event) actually said that… “There will be no new version of the game for about 8 years due to the small changes we can make every now and then” (Nidzumi N4G Preview)
  • It’s monthly subscribed (Nidzumi N4G Preview)
  • Unfortunately they have no plans to have free trial versions unlike other MMO’s (Nidzumi N4G Preview)
  • They are currently going through another 3 months of testing and the final game is due for release in June. (Nidzumi N4G Preview)
So... Lots of juicy gossip there. Is any of it true? I guess we'll find out in due course. Marc Duffy popped into GW4 on Friday night last week for a chat, and was hinting that we will hear an official announcement soon enough...

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