Thursday, 24 April 2008

New Living Logo!

Well, you've seen the end of the logo sequence but have you seen the whole thing?

FML has a snazzy new living logo - which you can find here. I know the funny looking guy who appears second is a certain Mr Richard Tebbutt, who is formerly of GW2 and now a mod on GW6. I saw Chris Holman on there too, who many of you will know as a GW2 mod.

I put a picture in, so I may be on there as well - not noticed myself yet, but I'm sure some of you will recognise my trademark bright red T-shirt if it is there!


Ale said...

hi, you are a mod of fmlive?
can you help me entering in the beta, i'm in a disperate research of an account.
i can also take an inactive account, i'd like to try for sometime the game before buy the final version.

thanks, plese help me!

Nik the Mod said...

Recruitment is outside of my abilities - you'll have to register on the FML website and take your chance just like everyone else I'm afraid!

Ale said...

thanks for the relpy,
i'm already registered in FML website, i think i can only hope for better luck.