Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tactics Skills...

Well, the cluster 1 gameworlds (2,3 and 6) have been in mild uproar this after SI decided to trial a new system, whereby managers have to learn skills in order to unlock certain tactical options. So to be able to import a tactic from FM would require you to learn all five levels of the overall 'Tactic' skill - I've heard that takes around a month.

I can see where they are coming from - such an action levels the playing field early on in the life of a gameworld. While people are still finding their feet, being limited to use of new and improved default tactics takes away some of the complexity, and the likelihood of being thumped by some idiot playing some uber-exploit tactic.

It also adds to the team specialisation part - you want to be a tactical wizard? Fine, great... but you have to learn the ropes, just like the wannabe scouts and coaches.

However, adding the skills in to already-established gameworlds - taking the manager's toys away, temporarily - was always going to be controversial. A lot of noise was made at first, and as time has gone on, people are starting to see the light and the sense behind the idea. For me, safe in my cluster 2 world with all my nice options? I think it's potentially a great idea for a new world...

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