Sunday, 24 August 2008

Blades bright start

The Blades have made a bright start to life in the NFA, with a 0-0 draw away at Rob Raupach's side followed up with a 1-0 win. Key to keeping clean sheets has been new signing at right back Chris Lamprecht, while I could and should have scored more goals in both games - David Odonkor on the right shows promising signs of a good link up with new DM Guy Demel and left winger Alvaro.

Billy Sharp has been on sparkling form, and all-round the team is looking better than it has for a while - the three new guys are all averaging over 7.1 a game, which is nice. If we can become a little less goal-shy, we could make a decent impact in the NFA I think...

I have also been monumentally daft though - signing a load of 21 year olds for a new U21 side, the day before the players all aged by 1 year at the start of the new season... I also nearly bought a rubbish kid on £18k wages - must concentrate more!


zutcorp said...


i just made organiser for the XFA in gw8, and Im looking to implement you ladder idea - any ideas on improvemnt son the original idea?

Im runninng it as a volountary comp inside the XFA and have made a big pool comp for ppl to join, and then im going to put ppl from that into the ladder...

Nik the Mod said...

I'm happy with the original setup to be honest, it's worked really well.

The main issue is in restarting the competitions - you can't during the season. What I've done is to duplicate all the ladder 'rungs', rename the new comps via a code system, transfer the teams to the appropriate level in the new comps, and then once satisfied delete the old comps.

The code I use for naming the ladder comps is DL-Wx-Ly, where Wx is the week number, and Ly is the Ladder Level. DL would be for the Daylight Ladder; so, DL-W4-L8 would be the Daylight Ladder, Week 4 Level 8... Simple!