Friday, 1 August 2008

Stress Test Success?

SI are beavering away on updates and optimisations, trying to make sure that the game is running well and that the servers are stable and lag free. Earlier in the week, I mentioned these stress tests that they run sporically - well, I got lucky and caught most of one short one last night - and it was in my humble opinion a remarkable success.

350+ people online, and the lag was fine. I was playing a match, browsing through player searches and profiles, and chatting away - and everything was pretty smooth.

There are still not enough people turning up, or sticking around, for the stress tests - and a small minority of those who do are not really contributing, choosing instead to spam moronically in the chatrooms (damn the lack of my mod powers during stress tests!); the sooner these guys get joined in as well, the sooner stress tests will be consigned to history. Because have no doubt - SI are winning the war, and FML must then surely be coming sooner rather than later.


Chris Bailey said...

Today's stress test is/was smooth save for the awful lag searching the database. It may prove a huge stumbling block, because for me it is still the same level of lag as the early stress tests.

Nik the Mod said...

I didn't struggle too much with that myself - strange! But that is the very area that SI are working on at the moment, and they are confident that they can make yet more optimisations. We'll be seeing a lot more stress tests over the coming week or so, so everyone should make sure they get involved as it really, really helps SI...