Friday, 8 August 2008


I've not been playing much FML of late, having been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, and FML undergoing a lot of maintenance.

The stress tests are continuing, with each test providing SI with vital data and giving the team a full day's work improving things for launch. As things stand, the game really is ready for launch, in my opinion - it's just a case of improving the experience in that first busy week. There's another stress test tonight starting soon, so if you've got the chance, get online and get involved!

Over the next week I will be trying to do some interviews with some of the GW4 managers, and I'm also planning to write up some advice for new managers coming into FML at the eventual launch. But if anyone wants to see something specific covered, then let me know and I will do what I can!

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Zarko said...

As always trying to help others Nik - wish there where more people like you in FML. There are other Mods too but not as helpfull - they spend more time to make it known they are Mods instead of helping others.

One thing that helped me when I joined GW4 is the in-game emails you sent. New managers will definetly need some pointers.

Auctions are probably most complicated until you get to understand them fully - i.e. bidding to renew the contract of your own player, you will only pay the wage of the 2nd highest bidder + £1. While when bodding on somebody elses player you get to pay the full amount you bid - not just 2nd highest bid + £1. I wasn't sure so learnt the hard way and ended up paying £30k in wages for a player which I knew nobody would bid more than £15k but I wanted to make sure I get him but not for £30k.

Also, something to help understand how each one of the 5 skills you are asked to chose when creating your team which influences which skils you will be specialising at the begining. SOmething along the lines which says if you wish to specialise in scouting young talent make sure to chose 'fast learner', start with skill 'x', also focus on skill 'y', etc. There is ingame skil planner where you simply select which end skil you want to acomplish but nothing which tells you exactly what skil to learn to achieve a certain goal.