Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I'm back...!

Well, I've had a lovely week in Cyprus on honeymoon, I've come back refreshed and relaxed, to discover I've had some good news at work, and that the blog is the featured site on the community pages of the official FML site! So I guess that means I have to do more updates!

I'm a bit miffed to discover that FML's oldest and best blog has a rating of 2.5 stars on that there official site, so I'm going to be having a big push to rectify that - what do people want to see covered?

There will be more Blades news tomorrow, when I've had a bit more time to get back into the game and figure out how the hell the Blades now only have 14 players, and how I lost Kilgallon and Bigalke on the cheap whilst away - that wasn't in the plan!

I'm actually tempted to use it as an excuse for a clearout and see what I can achieve on the cheap... I like a challenge!

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