Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Ladder enters Week 2

The Ladder idea that I came up with seems to be really taking off now - we've uncovered a couple of new little bugs, and features that would be needed to make it easier to run in the long term, but for now it's been a great success. The original Daylight Ladder is going well, and I've just appointed Marcin as an organiser to help with the end of competition turnovers.

It's also now being emulated elsewhere in GW4 - the DFA Ladder - and in other GWs as well. There really is a market for this sort of quickfire mobile competition in FML.

Week 1 of my Ladder in GW4 ended with Ash Wonders (Steve Williams, DFA!) as the Ladder Champion, as he won Level 1 on goal difference from Hiltingbury Harriers. FC Bemar and Bogazici Sultans were relegated from the top six, being replaced by Stuart Woods' Hotspurs and fellow mod Dale Honess' FC Coconuts.

The Blades started off in Level 4 in invincible form, but lost our last three to wind up missing promotion by 1 point. Level 4 again this week... Still, at least I avoided the shame of relegation to Level 5, unlike DFA organiser James Aspey's Hackney Rovers... Hehe!

In the DFA Ladder, I had a quick moment of fame as I won the inaugural match to become It. My reign was short lived, however, as I suffered a shock 4-1 home defeat to Steven Foley's Arsenal FC in the next Ladder match.

Foley was quick to gloat that this made him double It, whilst painting a big target on his arse. He's also been It in the Daylight Ladder, and has held that title for three games now... The pressure is mounting on him!

Elsewhere, it's been a good week for the Blades - a good revival in form after switching to 4-4-2 culminated in a victory over 20th ranked Philip Sinkins' FrootLoops last night, firing me into the semi-finals of a senior UFFA competition. I don't remember which one, they all have 'Super' in the title, but it's UFFA so who cares!

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