Thursday, 10 July 2008

Maintenance Downtime...

Well, we're having to get used to the message that one or both of the two FML universes (U1 = GW2-7, U2 = GW8-12) is down for scheduled maintenance, as is the case tonight.

SI are throwing everything they've got at sorting out the remaining causes of lag and database lock. When the game launches they are aiming for 99.7% uptime, so this really is the key time in the beta to my mind. SI have deliberately made the lag as bad as possible over the past week, to make it easier to identify the causes. And one thing is for sure - they're winning the battle, and I can't think of many more battles left before release. How long this war will take is the killer question - but they're definitely getting on top.

With SI moving to new forums this week, it means it's unusually quiet from SI. We're used to getting really good feedback as to what exactly is going on, so being out in the dark is a strange experience after over a year in the beta!

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