Thursday, 16 October 2008

'Above Average' start says Blades boss

I've been pretty absent from FML of late, but I'm managing to sneak on a bit more here and there.

The Blades have made a decent enough start to life in GW23 in my absence - firmly established in the lower reaches of the top 100 (80th currently), and I even managed to place 3rd in an unofficial competition - the "GW4 Memorial League".

Life in the Casual Weekday Association has been steady too - I'm mid table in my qualifying league, 8th at the moment, but with games in hand on most of those above me. I'm projected to finish 7th, but I'll see if I can't do anything about that!

The team is ticking along nicely - I got a solid initial line-up, and have added a few players since then; the 'big-name' signing so far has been Enzo Maresca. With a market value of £1.3M, he's added some much needed quality to midfield - it's become apparent that I'm a terrible judge of a central midfielder...

With the good performance and a few quality signings, my side are up to a 2-star team reputation. That means increased revenue (my daily income is up to £123k from the initial £100k), whilst my wages are still low (£75k per day) - meaning I'm making a healthy profit.

It's been a concern for me in the past that reputations (and subsequently daily income) rise a bit too quickly in a new gameworld - meaning teams get too rich (and good) too soon - but with what I've seen in GW23, it seems like SI have tackled that. And when we get the new facilities added in a future upgrade, that will be something else that drains money out of the game - should add up to great ways of controlling the transfer and wages markets in FML.

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