Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Weekly official FML update

Taken from a post by Marc Duffy, on the official forum:

Important game changes
Thanks to everyone who has been posting about their experiences playing the game, especially the guys who have been testing in GW23. Everyone knows how we've been championing our constant development module, and what we're proposing is a direct result of your feedback.

Rolling out about now are the following changes:

Activity ratings
Some of you have been mentioning picking up lots of injuries early on, we've made a change that will see you, during the early days of a GW, start off with the highest activity rating possible. This means that you are deemed an active player till such time as you prove otherwise and it should result in you having fewer injuries in the first week.

Managers will now be able to sign players in their initial squad who are on trial with another team, with a news item issued to the trialing manager to inform them. This is to allow managers signing in for the first time to pick players on trial elsewhere in their original squad.

Managers will now not be able to restart while they have any outgoing private bids, wage auction bids (except for their own players) or transfer auction bids (if they are the highest bidder).

Reply to All
The 'Reply To All...' button is now disabled on the mail page if it involves mailing back 'All Managers' or 'Online Managers', if you don't have this moderator privilege. This addresses a situation in one of the gameworlds where over 200 messages were sent to everyone in a very short space of time.

Stress test gameworlds

Emails went out late last week concerning the opening of two brand new gameworlds tonight at 7.30pm. These are what we're called stress test worlds and our aim is to load them with as many people as possible to see how everything copes.

Good luck to everyone joining these worlds, especially those sampling the game for the first time.

FML Development blog
Hope you liked the first couple of blogs. If you've missed them you can read all about what we've got planned for 1.0.1 here http://blogs.sega.com/fml under the ‘FML Development category’.

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