Monday, 13 October 2008

Apologies once more...

Hi all,

I've been crap, and I know it. I've not been on FML much, and subsequently not updating on here much, as I'm exceedingly busy offline, dammit.

I work at a University, and have the honour of delivering a lecture course this semester - and that is taking up vast amounts of my time, far more than it should or is healthy.

The Frecheville Blades are being sadly neglected - I joined the Casual Weekday Association in GW23 as I knew this was likely to be the case.

Once my work load eases in a week or two, I will endeavour to get back onto FML and blogging with the best.

In the meantime, I'm also very excited about FM09, another game I will buy and then not have time to play due to real life. The Bootroom folks have just released their 4th magazine, though, with loads of features, include an FML review, and FM09/FMH09 previews - grab it here, with the SI forum post about it here.

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