Friday, 27 June 2008

The Ladder...

My brainwave (with helpful discussions from other users, particularly James Aspey in GW4 if I remember correctly) finally got going last night...

I'd had an idea that there is a gap in FML for fast-paced, mobile gameplay. The FA seasons are lovely, and kind of model real-life, but I wondered about something at the opposite end of the scale - and came up with the ladder.

Basically, this is a series of 6 team divisions, where teams play each other home and away, with all 10 games done in a week. From the six, two get promoted and two get relegated - so the next week, you're playing four completely different teams, and we go on again.

At the end of the week I declare two champions:
  • The Ladder Champion - whoever wins the top rung of the ladder, and
  • The Ladder 'It' - this is a much more mobile title, and is won by whoever wins the very first ladder match, at any level. This title then transfers to the next team to beat them, and so on - FML kiss-chase, as Phil Sinkins dubbed it. It's a title that anyone can win at some stage!
With matches getting under way last night, the first 'It' is Leon Creighton's Certa United, of Ladder Level 6. The pressure is on Leon now to retain the title...

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