Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I speak!

Exciting news readers - I was invited to be the guest this week on the Get Sacked podcast, the weekly dose of news, notes and strategical insight into the universe of Football Manager Live. The show covers all the latest developments in FML, happenings in and around the gameworlds, how-to tips and the featured community blog of the week, answering listener submitted questions - strategy, tactics, opinions and issues on the minds of FM Live managers.

The Topics of Discussion:
  • The differences between Beta and Live GWs - a moderators viewpoint.
  • FML support and the influx of tickets at the launch of a gameworld.
  • Short-term mentality problems and outcry to switch GWs this early in release.
  • Overview of Federations: What happens if the FA you'd like is full?
  • FM Live's main strength - the community and spirit of good-natured competition
You can hear my dulcit tones here - check it out!

In other news today, it's really great to see more and more FML Blogs popping up as the game goes live to paying customers across (most of) the world. I've updated the blogroll with 11 new blogs (some newer than others!), so get down there to the right and check them out!


Martin White said...

That was a great interview Nik, full of advice that I think would be vital to anyone joining FML for the first time.

Nik the Mod said...

Thanks Martin,

I really enjoyed doing it, so hopefully Jordan will be kind enough to get me on again in the future!