Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Manual

One thing I've completely overlooked so far on the blog is the official online FML Guide, which will serve as the manual for the game. It's currently still in a beta phase, but is already extremely comprehensive, and graphics/formatting will be added/improved soon.

It's the culmination of a lot of hard work by several guys: Alex Harris (Ex-Sega), Rob Barns-Graham (Sega), David Hill, Cyderman, lilrob, Matt Pritchard and Trevor 1973, and I think it's fair to say that they've done a terrific job - especially great to see a few of the community guys getting involved. I had thought to help out as well, but didn't have the time, and I'm not sure I could've matched the standard of work these guys have managed to produce.

As the manual is still in the beta phase, you can report back here on the official SI Games forum if you find anything that can be improved.

That reminds me also that Matt Pritchard, who runs the Aston Portsmouth FC blog, has stepped down from his position as a mod for personal reasons. It's been a real privilege for me to see Matt, formerly of Gameworld 4, develop and grow into a really terrific mod, so I'm sad to see him depart and I hope he comes back in the future. Hopefully he will still have time to play FML and to keep blogging, but maybe it's time to grab those Aston Portsmouth souvenirs just in case!

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Nik, its people like you that FML needs to build a buzzing community. I can honestly say you are one of the main reasons i took up the offer to be a Mod in the first place. Thanks very much for your support and kind words, am sure our paths will cross again.