Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Smooth launch so far...

So we've now got 5 Gameworlds, I think, live and being actively played and paid for, which delights me no end. Each one seems to be getting smoother, with very few issues overall.

Probably 90% of the issues that have been encountered are system faults which have been highlighted, or exacerbated, by the actions of the user signing up. Note: I'm not saying that it's the user's fault! But one of the most regular causes seems to have involved people who have made multiple changes to their account details or who are already changing gameworld - usually because they feel they've under-performed in their old world, or missed out on a key player, etc.

Clearly, there are a small number of issues that the support and dev teams at SI and Sega will be keen to resolve, but probably 95% of sign-ups are going through successfully, and hopefully all those who have got in so far (which should be getting on for around 5000 people!) are enjoying the game. Does anyone have some initial thoughts or comments that they'd like to share here?

It would be remiss of me also not to mention while I'm on this subject an excellent post by JordanC over at the SI forums. Jordan was my host when I appeared as the special guest in his 'Get Sacked' podcast. Anyway, I'd really recommend that anyone in, or about to join, one of the new gameworlds casts an eye over Jordan's thoughts there.

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