Sunday, 30 November 2008

Beta worlds

Sorry it's been a bit quiet folks - I've been busy getting my new side, 'Now Is The Time' going in the beta world, but I'm still awaiting confirmation that I'm allowed to discuss what I see in there...

I don't want to risk saying something I shouldn't, but once I get approval, which I'm sure I will - I'll be back with all my comment on the features coming your way in version 1.1.

I approved a comment tonight from an angry poster claiming that all mods are cheats as we can see finances etc. Not true, my friend - every time we check on something, we have to give a reason, which gets logged. Could a mod cheat? Yes, of course. But it would be spotted quite quickly. We've had a mod cheat in the past - they aren't a mod any more.

Part of what I can't discuss covers a lot of balancing issues with regards to a new world, to even out the imbalance between beta testers (including mods, though we have so little time to play) and new beginners... Hopefully there will be more on that soon...

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