Wednesday, 13 February 2008


You get really attached to the club that you're running - after all, you've named it, signed all the players and lovingly guided them through hundreds of games. The game records your actions for posterity, and keeps track of a massive array of tournament performances, player and team stats; everything you could want to remember, and a lot you won't want to!

History Page:
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FML also keeps track of your Head-to-Head performance against other teams as well, which is vital for the all-important banter:

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Sorry Andy!

The player stats are also a bit more advanced than in FM in my opinion - you see success rates, as percentages, for tackles, passes, crosses, headers, shots on target etc. for each and every player. This is all stored season on season, and give you a great deal of information on what is working and not from your playing staff and tactics.

Anyway, all these stats and records, plus seeing your players in action of course mean that one soon becomes hopelessly attached to one's team. It took me an hour to accept a huge offer for my star striker, even though I knew it made massive business sense...

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