Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Update Wednesday!

The servers have just gone down for GW4, with Marc Duffy from SI holding our hands to calm our anxieties over being FML-less for maybe as much as 30 minutes. How ever will we cope? It's always one of the most exciting times for me - when I log back in, the game will automatically update my client software, and I'll be able to get straight in to the new features. I can't wait!

This one should be a real zinger, as well - the match engine will be upgraded to match that used in FM08's new 8.0.2 patch (and my tactic is working pretty well in 8.0.2...), we're getting new kit styles and graphs - a real graphical overhaul that's proven popular elsewhere.

There are 4 public test worlds for FML - 2 500-user worlds that see regular updates as and when necessary, and 2 1000-user worlds that only get updates once a month. GW4 is one of these worlds - we seem to always get the update on the Wednesday afternoon of the off-season week.

Now I just can't wait to get stuck back in...

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jakswan said...

Just wanted to say find your blog really great and check it a lot. I'm thinking of doing a community site with Gameworld News. Still no beta for me though :(

Got the URL

Player signs for X in shock move, kind of deal :)