Monday, 18 February 2008

If you wanna be a record breaker...

So someone asked about records - as I said in the history blurb, FML records everything you do, ever, for posterity and banter usage, and the team/player performance is no different.

Now, I'm not in the business of doing people's scouting for them (not unless there is a fee involved, of course - another hint of a future feature there...), so I've blanked out all the player names here!

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So as you can see - everything you could wish for really. I'll also show off the Player History page as well - not for one of my players, obviously, and not for anyone you won't be checking out anyway!

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The stats at the bottom for presenting success rates as percentages are a massive step forward from vanilla FM, in my opinion, and I really hope to see them appear in FM09. For me, they've overtaken attributes in usefulness - it's all very well a player having 19 for passing, but if he's not going to fit into your tactics... Also, if your DCs have good heading/jumping attributes, but are failing to win a decent % of headers, you know there's probably something wrong with your tactics.

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