Monday, 11 February 2008

Nik in FML; A Quick History

So, I'm a moderator in Gameworld 4. That means that I have to help run the Gameworld (the fourth one, no less), help out new users, make sure everyone behaves - and to make sure everyone is having a good time. One question I'm often asked is how I came to be a mod...

I get a bit confused about the timeline, but I signed up through a Eurogamer competition, and joined GW1 on June 25th 2007. We broke that world pretty quickly with our zany wheelings and dealings, and so it was reset and became GW2. Or maybe it was GW2 all along, I forget. Anyway, I was a regular user, with a team established in the top 200, then the top 100, and finally the top 50. But my star was beginning to wane; I was slipping, and looking for a new challenge.

An email came round asking for volunteers to help moderate GW4. The GW2 mods were (and still are) all nice guys, and seemed to have a good time, and the challenge appealed to my helpful nature. So I replied, asking for more info. I signed out of FML, went for a nap - I was off ill at the time. When I tried to sign back in a few hours later, I couldn't log in - and then I saw the mail... I'd become a mod. A fresh download later, and I was helping the one other mod, at that time, hold back the floodwaters!

So now my team, the Frecheville Blades, seem to be established in the top 50 in GW4, despite me spending more time chatting with, and helping, people than playing... More about them soon!

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