Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Shock result in Champions League Final

Many of the 'official' competitions in FML are hosted within the 'domestic' federations that I've discussed before. However, we also have the UFFA for inter-fed football goodness.

The inaugural GW4 UFFA season is just drawing to a close, and the Champions League Final produced a massive shock. Despite finishing 8th in the Casual FA, Ben Hodgkins' Hodge Hotspurs (now 22nd in the world rankings) trounced Dale Honess' hot favourites FC Coconuts 3-0 in the final to take the glory. Well done to Ben, an amazing victory.

Also pleasing for me was the performance from my DFA members - I went out to early favourites Joga Bonito FC in the last 16, and Rok Titovsek's AC Zebnik went out to GW4 giants 'The Hairy Nosepickers' on away goals, or penalties I forget! The real stunners, though, were Le Zhang's Real West Laker FC and James Tucker's Kaswell - both got to the semi-finals! Well done to one and all...

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