Friday, 29 February 2008

Goodbye Richie!

Big news in the FML universe today - two new beta test gameworlds have opened - so if you haven't got a place yet, best check your e-mail! And if you've got one, make sure you read all the instructions, eh.

Obviously a new world needs mods, and it's with sadness that I saw a good mate that I've made through FML, Richard H., leave GW4 to join GW7. Also, three other good lads - Gil, Si and Andy G., are all off to join Rich there as new mods. They've been excellent managers in GW4, have all grown in stature as time passed, and all showed the aptitude and willingness to help to become new moderators. Hopefully it will work out for them all - it's not all fun though lads!

That leaves us GW4 mods with a whole load to sort out, and not much time to do it in. The new GW4 season starts on Monday, and there's a lot to do. There's a trend all of a sudden for people to jump ship and swap federation, which I've not seen before and is a real pain in the arse for a mod.

I have to consider what the effect on my fed would be for guys ranked 17th and 30th suddenly joining out of nowhere and having to be put in the Championship, with guys ranked in the 300s. Is that going to be fun for my established members? I don't think so, so I took the bold step and declined their applications this time round. Feds have to be fun for all the members, not just the top guys.


Jacky said...

Wow. Tiger Albion also became a mod?

So who are the new mods appointed for GW4?

Missing the football community in FM Live as ever...


Andy G said...

If any one wants to read about my new life as a GW7 mod and my new team I have started my own blog here