Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A big end to the season...

Well, it was a big end to the season for the Blades. Somehow we squeaked through into the DFA Trophy Final, where we faced James Tucker's giants Kaswell.

A first leg 2-1 defeat left us with it all to do, and we could only draw the 2nd leg 2-2. An admirable effort against one of GW4's great teams. All the more bittersweet as I beat the bugger 2-0 away in the league recently. Still, it was an extra £300k in the bank that I really wasn't expecting - I've always struggled in the cup for some reason!

And a slightly sad end to my reign as DFA supremo - the time had come to hand the keys to the FA over to the users. I'd intended to do it last season, but had been talked round. This time, the, um, bloke wasn't for turning, and after a short period of looking for applicants, two guys I'd hoping would apply did so - and I've today been able to appoint them as the new organisers - James Aspey and David Hamill, who I'm sure will do a great job. Similarly, the Monster, Weekend and Extreme FAs are also getting new organisers. Shafiq Aldina has taken charge of the UFFA competitions, where I'm sure his energy and enthusiasm will bring the impetus that UFFA needs.

The XFA needs new heads as we've just promoted three of its senior members, including the two organisers as well as Andy Coburn (whose blog is linked in the blogroll), to become moderators in the new gameworlds that are just about to start up. I think they should be live tomorrow, all being well...

And congratulations to Man Ure, on their latest triumph. I'm sure they'll be back to their normal relegation-fiddling tactics again soon ;) No, I'm not still bitter about that game vs West Ham last season, or the Liverpool U21 B team Reserves v Fulham fixture just before it!

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