Saturday, 24 May 2008


Apologies for missing a post on Friday - here's a special bonus Saturday edition instead! I got a bit carried away with a little programming project at work yesterday, and I was busy signing Blades.

This morning I've snapped up Paddy Kenny, the Blades star keeper, while yesterday saw me nab Stephen Quinn, Christian Nade and Chris Armstrong - I now have 8 real life Blades and a huge wage bill!!

The key to the success of this True Blades influence so far has been the excellent form of midfielder Michael Tonge. Thankfully, in FML at least, if not real life, he doesn't run like my gran. Also the DC pairing of Kilgallon and former Blade Gary Cahill is pretty solid for FML. I'm now up to 44th in the rankings!

Here he is bursting onto Amauri's clever pass for a goal against 'Phil Sinkins exceptional FrootLoops' in a 2-2 draw. OK. So we're still making progress on formatting!


Anonymous said...

With 8 blades am sure your ranking will drop soon!!!. Still waiting for
this gw to open, a whole bank holiday
with no FML - gutted wish i could still get on gm4.

Hope all good mate


Zutcorp FC said...

Good to see you are following my advice .-)

I decided that Zutcorp FC should be an all danish team as well, and I have started blogging about it on