Thursday, 22 May 2008

Theme Teams...

One of the popular trends in FML is for theme teams - everyone likes to sign players from their favourite club, and I'm doing this now as much as possible.

I've had Gary Cahill for ages, who was on loan at the Lane until Christmas. Then I signed Billy Sharp, and i recently got hold of Matty Kilgallon. Today, though - it got serious. I signed Michael Tonge, and he's playing well. I've got a bid out on another Blade as well - do I go all in? I could probably pick up a couple more, but I'll be struggling to get a full first eleven I think... Still, I always said I'd do it before the end of the beta!

I've seen some quality theme teams over my time in the beta, and it's certainly one way to personalise your FML experience. It also gives you a good excuse for being rubbish. Speedy Gonzalez was always a favourite - a team made entirely of players whose surname was Gonzalez. It was made more ironic by the fact that there is a properly decent Gonzalez, and the guy couldn't sign him. Africa FC has always been popular too - it's possible to build a very good side using only African players (and I've seen the same approach for Chileans, Italians, Englishmen...).

There's also always the possibility of only signing youth players - an approach that has been very successful for some, most notably in GW4 for James Aspey's Hackney Rovers. I think the key here is finding a youth striker or two who can really bang in the goals at senior level.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand - we're heading into season 6 now, what Blades players are still about...


Anonymous said...

yeah, themed teams.

im actually considering going all danish for the beta just to see if its possible.

And you should definately go for anyone who has ever been a blade! I mean whats there really to loose? its a beta, and as such a great place to mess about.

Now for retail, when I pay for it, i think im going to try and be more competetive, since winning is simply more fun that loosing even with a team all named something dirty like Kuntz and Butt and such (I love those germans btw ;-) )

zutcorp FC

Nik the Mod said...

Of course as a moderator, I'd see straight through your cheap smut and make you change it ;)

You're right though - I need to purge this urge while it's still free!