Friday, 9 May 2008


As the launch of FML is (surely) getting nearer (by definition, it's a day closer than it was yesterday!), I've gotten to wondering where to go with the blog. Naturally I want to step it up a notch, but what do people want to read about?

I'm planning more GW4 specific stuff, in a form that could be interesting to all - interviews with managers, and maybe more GW news, to give a flavour of what life in the beta is like. But I'm open to ideas, so leave a comment if there is anything you'd like covered.

Also, in exciting news, FML gets updated to v0.86 today, and the servers are currently down for maintenance - something to do with updating the mySQL database or something. Anyway, the key thing to note is that the changelist (or should that be fixlist now, there's little in the way of 'new stuff') is getting shorter and shorter. Which is surely A Good Sign...

The big news in this update is that the feedback from the introduction of the Tactics Skills (boo, hiss or yay, woot, depending on viewpoint!) has been taken into account and they've been re-thought - we're going to be testing a new model, and that has involved losing all the skills learnt so far (though we will be refunded the time spent on them), and losing any saved tactics... Should bring joy to the 'testers' that don't read the forums...

Anyway, there will be more news here when I've got more to tell you - judging from Marc's comments in that podcast interview linked recently, we're maybe 2-3 weeks away from A Big Announcement...


Mark said...


thanks for your blog. I like to read it a lot.

Perhaps I can give you some "ideas". At least I have some questions. Maybe you want to cover these:

I read a little about matches, which are played by the computer if someone is offline for a longer time or you missed a deadline. Could you go into detail here? Is there a deadline for every match or for the federation in a whole?

Perhaps you can tell something about "tv money". I think I read somewhere that in federations there will be "prize money" which do not come from entry fees. Could you get tv money (so additional money next to the entry fees) also for tournaments which are organised privatly?

Just two ideas.



Nik the Mod said...

Thanks Mark - much appreciated. I'll see what I can do with your questions at some stage over the next couple of days.