Friday, 30 May 2008

Colin signs up

The top Fenerbahce and Turkey substitute right winger Colin Kazim-Richards, formerly of Sheffield United, will now be thinking he's Cristiano Ronaldo and doing crap stepovers for the Frecheville Blades following his £400k move yesterday. CKR becomes the 13th Blade at the Blades.

I'll post more next week, when I've had actually had time to play some FML and do some modding... Next Thursday is Mod Day 2, when all the mods descend on SI Towers to eat pizza, so I'll probably be blethering on about that excitedly...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for the last 2-3 weeks. Find it fascinating that you are trying to put a team together from x or current united players. When I get my Beta place eventually, unless the game gets released before that, I will be compiling my team entirely from Serbian players (especially Partizan Belgrade players). One tip, if you can try signing S. Jovetic - currently the most sought after youngster in real life. It is belived Fiorentina have payed £10m for his services last week but yet to be officially confirmed.
FML Forum name - Zarko

Zutcorpfc said...

Ive built a team consisting entirely of danes, and we are doing quite well in the very young gw8. top 75 ranking and a top 6 youth team