Thursday, 19 June 2008

David Hamill's DFA Review!

Season 5 in the DFA has came to a close. The winners are shining their new trophies whilst the runners up wonder what could have been. Those relegated sides are still hurting whilst those clinching the UFFA spots are still celebrating. A very exciting season it must be said, from the worlds number one league.

Here is the round up of the memorable season in the DFA Premiership -

1st Place - Ash Wonderers FC managed by Steve Williams

2nd Place - Hotspur Football Club managed by Stuart Woods

3rd Place - Liverpool managed by Mark Percox's AI

Ash Wonderers have managed to achieve their pre season goal of being the first side to lift the DFA Premiership trophy twice since its creation. Despite a woeful start to the season losing their first 3 games, Steve Williams managed to bring things together and go on an amazing run culminating in only 2 other defeats in their next 39 games in what can be described as the world's greatest league.

Samuel Eto'o led the way for Steve’s side by banging in 35 goals in his 40 appearances finishing top of the goalscoring charts and amazingly the only Ash Wonderers player in the top 32 goalscorers.

This may not have been achieved however without the excellent supply from Sergio Mota who laid on 16 goals for his team mates finishing 3rd in the Assist Rankings.

Special mention also goes to Juan Ojeda - Steve’s number one GK who managed to secure 14 clean sheets and concede a mere 40 goals - the second best in the division.

Two of Steve’s players have also made it into the DFA Team of the Year (up tomorrow!).

Manager Steve Williams was delighted with his sides achievements stating "After the poor start I had to change things. I’m delighted that things have worked out and I am very proud of the effort and style which my team have produced to allow us to secure the title. Our plan is to continue this progress and retain our title next season"

Several sides have secured spots in next seasons UFFA competitions.

Stuart Woods' Hotspur Football Club following their second place achievement will be one of these clubs. Hotspur finished eight points behind winners Ash Wonderers however were the team to concede the least goals in the Premiership - secured by their excellent defence all of whom are under 23 years old. A solid foundation for Stuart to build upon into next season.

Koh Chi Wah's Kampung will be joining him after they finished 5th in the league - taking the vacant spots left by Liverpool and Kaswell due to their AI %'s. Koh's side won 20, drew 11 and lost 11 of their games, with Ranford Osei leading the way in the clubs scoring charts with 15 goals, and Toni Kroos supplying and scoring 12 goals.

FC Bemar and their manager Melih Kahramanher had an outstanding season securing the DFA Trophy, DFA League Cup and DFA Youth Cup accompanied by a 6th place finish in the league following their promotion from the DFA Championship. This success is simply outstanding which is why Melih has also been given the MANAGER OF THE YEAR award for the DFA.

UFFA Cup spots have went to Brian Reynolds' Leeds Utd, Luca Fusco's Mr Corleone, Steve Smith's West End FC and David Hamill's Athletico Pathetico (also cup runners up), the latter two of whom were taking part in their first season in the DFA Premiership. Good achievement lads.


1st place - Samuel Eto'o - Ash Wonderers - 35 goals/40 apps

2nd place - Asamoah Gyan - Kaswell - 34 goals/42apps

3rd place - Nicolaj Agger- Beitar Katamonim - 22 goals/39 apps


1st place - Silva- Kaswell - 30 assists/40 apps

2nd place - Yoon Bit Garam - AFC Stella Artois - 19 assists/42 apps

3rd place - Sergio Mota - Ash Wonderers-16 assists/40 apps


1st place - Wilson - Hotspur Football Club - 17 clean/42 apps

2nd place - Dwayne Miller - Athletico Pathetico - 16 clean/42 apps

3rd place - Johan van Beek - Leeds Utd - 15 clean/42 apps


idblue said...

congratulation for ash wonders.

and thanks a lot for your review about DFA competition, Nik :)

i'am always love your reviews

Jacky said...

Wow..both Silva and Gyan are with Kaswell now...

Well, if I am not wrong, Steve was not the first one to lift the DFA Premiership trophy in consecutive seasons since season 1... :P

Zarko said...

I like you detailed summary - very good. I wish other Mods from other GWs would do the same SI should psot end of season summary on main FML page. I believe they did this for GW3.

Also, I like the feature where managers get penalised for using AI and lose their spots in Champions league, etc.
DFA - is that FA to 'extreme' players who are online most of the time?

Nik the Mod said...

The DFA is the Daytime FA; formerly run by me, now by David and James. It's a medium activity FA. This summary was written by David, not me - I take no credit :D

Steve is the first person to win the Premiership twice; some other guy once won the Premiership after winning a Qualifying League ;)

Reports like this are user-driven; mods don't really have time, and it's only those users who somehow find the time that get to add these added extra gems - so thanks to them for their hard work!

Zarko said...

Apologies, it was quite clear from the title that it was summarised by David - hopefully he continues to do the same in the future. I can see from GW3 update on FML site that SI are looking for people to write weekly/monthly updates for each GW - hope they find someone as this will keep none Beta testers wanting more and checking FML site all the time.

Nik the Mod said...

It's funny you should mention that Zarko - I've just submitted a piece to the FML website as well, with an in-depth review of our UFFA Champions League Final and a round-up from various FAs (including extracts from David's DFA review)!

Disco dave (David Hamill) said...

It was great fun compiling these reviews and if SI decide to run with a Journlaist idea I would definitely recommend it so long as the person is committed to spending a good bit of time in keeping their eyes peeled on the goings on within the Fed / GW that they are doing their news on.

Keep your eyes peeled for a DFA preview and also further weekly newsletters / end of season reviews from your number one Fed in Gameworld 4 - the DFA :D