Friday, 20 June 2008

New Theme Team!

Well, having achieved my goal of fielding a side consisting only of Blades, past and present, I had to move on to a new challenge for the new season.

My Blades side have made a couple of big signings in the pre-season, Mauro Zarate for one, and are trialling a new tactic that should prove defensively solid. I'm unbeaten in 12, and have won 7 of those...

Anyway, this season's theme team can now be revealed...

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Yes - fear the Blades Reserves, also known as "I'm Ronaldo!". A team full of players called Ronaldo. Unfortunately some of them have it as their first name, which ruins the aesthetic a little, but I can work on that!


Zutcorp FC said...

Im still doing my All danish team for GW8, although I have just now annexed sweden to the mighty nation of Denmark. It seems we have no left back worth anything...which is tru to real life as well!

btw, would you mind putting me on the blogroll?

Andre Costa said...

Haha, opposition will spend the 90 minutes trying to find the 'real' Ronaldo :p

3-6-1 is nice, eh? Also been trying it and it seems interesting.

André Costa @ GW8